Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ageless Patterns

Got my new Ageless Patterns today! Hooray! I furiously cut them all out in one hour and am excited to start making some of them. Will wait til we return from our beach vacation. I will update this blog as I make the patterns with comments, tips and pictures of finished pieces.
pattern scraps

1868 Cape w/Hood for Child 2-4 Yrs

1893 Sun Bonnet for Girl 5-7 Yrs

1875 Slip for Girl 2-4 Yrs

1868 Man's Lounging or Negligé Jacket

1886 Lady's Gray Twill Corset

1868 Frock for Infant under 1 Yr Old

1869 3 Baby Bibs

1868 Suit for Boy 8-10 Yrs

1869 Short Sleeved Shirt for Boy 4-6 Yrs

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