Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cram Sewing - Infant Linens

Micky Anderson Varga
6 months old

Well, I got the "spirit" to sew last night after the kids went to bed. Even though I swore I would go to bed at 10pm, I ended up staying up til 1am! But . . . I got a set of infant underthings (patterns by Elizabeth Stewart Clark) completed for Micky.

* diapers
* drawers
* open shirt
* cap
* night dress

I used birdseye diaper cloth for the diapers, pre pin-tucked 100% cotton lawn for the rest and 100% cotton open worked lace for trim on the bonnet.

Since this was being done between 10pm and 1am, I used the machine for everything. Though these would be very easy and very fun to do by hand!


back view of diaper
I was very skeptical about the diaper (triangle) because it seems soooo huge! But when I tried it on Micky (over a real diaper) this morning, it did seem to fit. I had to wrap the side ends across the front and tie them in a little knot at the back. That's not how the directions explained it - they said all three corners should basically come together in the front and tie with cotton tapes - I don't know who that would fit other than an ADULT, so I just stuck with my method - worked fine.


open shirt

The open shirt also seemed a bit big in the neck area, but I guess if he had a light stay on or a bodiced petticoat that was more fitted then the neck and back flaps would fall over that to protect it. Also, the shirt and drawers alone would be comfortable on a hot day.

Loved the drawers! They are probably a bit long, but will do if I don't have a chance to add a few more tucks.


And look at this little cap - it is ADORABLE and so easy to make! I plan to make a few more - serviceable and fancy. This would be a great project to hand sew during an event. Though if I have the kids, I never have my hands free to do any sewing.

The whole set: Drawers, Open Shirt, Cap

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