Wednesday, July 22, 2009

November Ball - Fabric Options


This was one of my original inspirations for a ball gown - of course the train would have to be bustled for dancing. Maybe that is just too impractical. I like the look of it!


The colors didn't really show correctly with the flash, but what I have in mind is a royal purple cotton velevet for the bodice and the train/bustle lined in gold dupioni silk (yes, I know the dupioni is not really period correct - neither would "cotton" velvet for a ball), and possibly the purple and gold brocade for the inset and lower skirt.

I have just always felt that deep colors are so severe - they don't seem "fun" to me for dancing. Though very, very pretty. I'm a little afraid of using all dark colors for this dress. I always think of something more light and vibrant for a ball.

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