Sunday, July 19, 2009

Robert Land Shoes - A Disappointment

(This picture is from the website and not of my actual pair - my pair was an almost black "midnight blue")

I felt I needed to comment here on Robert Land Shoes because I have recently had several disappointments with them. I bought an absolutely stunning pair of his red/black side lacing boots - but after the first day of wearing the stitching ripped open in the side. I returned them asking for a replacement but was simply sent a "repaired" pair. Given the fact that I had paid full price for these boots and that they clearly were barely worn I felt that I should have been given a replacement. Well, I didn't want to continue to complain, so I accepted them.

Now . . . months later, I decided to give Robert Land a second chance because I continue to hear good things about them. So, I bought the blue and black side lacing and the American walking shoe. Wanted to make sure I bought the correct size, I completed the sizing worksheet and sent it to Robert Land. He suggested a 7-1/2 so that's what I ordered.

Unfortunately, I was greatly disappointed once again. The blue and black boot that looked bright blue and black on the web site was actually such a dark blue I first thought it was black! The American walking boot was also constructed in such a way that the space between the instep and the ankle was so baggy it actually formed a sort of a bubble when wearing the boot and was uncomfortable because it was so loose. Continuing my disappointment, the sole of both styles of boot protrude about 1/4 inch beyond the toe which both looks strange and would probably cause me to trip wearing them. And the 7-1/2 was waaayyy too big! I needed to go down at least a half size.

To add insult to injury in all of this, Robert Land actually draws from a Canadian bank (I know he has both a NY and Canadian address) but the payment was in American dollars. When I paid via PayPal, the Canadian bank that drew the payment caused my credit card company to charge me a foreign exchange fee of $9. This was both unexpected and not clearly outlined (that I remember) on their page.

So . . . I have sent the two pair of shoes back expecting a refund for the blue pair and a new pair of the American walking boot IF the toe and "baggy" ankle problem can be solved. I am hoping I will eventually be happy about this whole transaction . . .

I wish I had taken pictures of the boots before I sent them back! I was so frustrated I didn't think about it. :(


Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of the same shoes in cream and black...after a couple of wearing (9 to be exact) the cream leather at the toe began pulling away. I emailed them and within a month had a replacement pair that is wearing beautifully. My experience has been very good with this company. I am now getting ready to order a solid black pair of the same shoe!

Rebecca Ann Varga said...

So glad they worked out for you! They are beautiful shoes when they work. Hopefully my experience was just a fluke. =)