Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Evolution of Renton's Tunic

I decided to make a new blue plaid tunic for Renton because I loved his first one so much. I had just enough of the fabric left over to squeeze out a tunic if I laid things out just right. Well, I made my own pattern, then came across the patterns by Elizabeth Stewart Clark and decided to give it a try. I put her pattern down ontop of the fabric I'd already cut out - and it was close - but mine had quite a bit more length to it. Well, taking it on faith that the commercial pattern might be better than one of my own making, I cut some of the length off (I did keep a couple of extra inches just to be on the safe side).

So last night I flat lined the bodice of the tunic and piped and put in the short capped sleeves. I trimmed the waist band, but didn't put it in yet. I tried it on Renton this morning and as I suspected it is nearly too short! :( How disappointing, but a lesson to rely on myself sometimes rather than just blind faith of a commercial pattern.

So, I think it will be okay once I put it all together, but I will never have enough length to ever increase it if I needed to as Renton grows. Good thing he is a slow grower.

I have decided to make blue cotton velveteen pants to go with the tunic - though I think they will probably be hot for summer. (I am trying to use up fabric I already have before buying new) Would be REALLY cute with white linen and eyelet drawers but, sadly, I think Renton is too old for that.
Renton at New Market, 2008

Renton's old tunic at New Market, 2008 (3-1/2 years old)

Little boy in tunic with white drawers and striped socks! I LOVE IT!

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