Thursday, August 27, 2009

The November Ball Dress Saga

I now have two and a half months to complete my ballgown for the November Ball in Amherst, NY. It has taken me months to finally commit to a design. I'm still not really committed, but I have started cutting fabric, so there's little to do now but keep moving forward. I have decided to use shades of purple. Though, the purple and gold brocade that I originally bought for this ensemble was taken back this weekend. It was just too much for me. Instead, I decided to go with a "whim" purple striped silk that I bought some months ago with no purpose in mind. :)

I've posted pictures of the dresses that have "inspired" me below. You'll probably see elements of each of these somewhere in my final dress. I'm not choosing one in particular to recreate, because I haven't found one that I just totally LOVED. So now, the creation is coming straight from my head onto the fabric. I'm a little worried . . . but I know it will be a fun process!

Some "bunchings" of fabric just to see how I like the colors and textures next to each other.
Another "bunching" I love these colors together - not sure how they'll all layer up.

One of my many, many sketches trying to get my ideas together
The Inspirations . . .

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