Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh My Ankles!

I had to post this because I was shocked to see that merely by being on a bit of a lower angle, my husband inadvertantly had captured that view talked about so often by men during the 1860s! Just bending over slightly to take care of the children repeatedly tipped up my skirt and gave a lovely view of my boots, my ankles, my stockings and the inside of my underpetticoat. OH MY!

While I was careful to measure out the length of my skirt to prevent this, it still does need to be a bit off the ground so that I do not continually step on it (espcially with children). However, having said that, and having seen these pictures, I think I will try to add an inch or two to the hem of this skirt! Ha ha! I laugh at the thought that even then this was a problem and a bit of a joke. You cover yourself with so many, many layers, and then a little tip exposes your ankles and legs!

Well, enjoy the free view!

For more interesting reading on the subject rom period sources visit this site

period cartoons depicting the "horror" of women accidentally exposing themselves

A lovely view of my red/black boots and my petticoat peaking in on the baby.

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Shawn said...


This is SO interesting!!! I've read SO much about that subject, too!! I mostly thought it was ladies of "ill repute" that were referred to in those cartoons or articles. I never realized that a "gently born lady" could have the same problem.

I tell you what, when I make mine, I'm going to call you for advice on length FOR CERTAIN!!! Since I can't bend at all from my waist due to my back, maybe that won't be such an issue for me? Who knows. I'm sure I'll STILL manage a way to expose more than I should. :-)

Thanks. Really enjoyed the read!