Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sully Plantation - Micky

Micky Anderson Varga - 6 months old

I love this picture of Micky peaking around my shoulder. It is a great picture to show the detail of the lace on his bonnet (and actually a good detail of the vintage lace on my Spanish Jacket). At this point we'd already taken Micky's dress off, so he is just wearing his underbodice and bodiced petticoat. Heatstroke is another risk I'd never take in the name of authenticity (I would not very likely have brought a 6 month old out in public in the 1860s either for fear of exposure).

Mommy and Baby
All of Micky's underclothes were made of fine cotton lawn. The drawers, bonnet and underbodice were made of pre-pintucked lawn. They are very easy to wash and take starch wonderfully! Starch and heavy ironing not only gave body to children's clothing, but also helped keep stains from penetrating the fabric.

Back view of bodiced petticoat

Tiny Pantalets

Good view of Micky's lace trimmed pantalets as well as his back opening bodiced petticoat. He is also wearing a lawn undershirt. All peices were made with Elizabeth Stewart Clark patterns.

Victorian Pram

This pram was made in Chicago IL and still has the factory plate on the front. Queen Victoria made the use of wicker prams extrememly popular in upperclass familys during the 19th century. It is probably more likely that this pram is from the 1870s or 1880s (when they had really hit their popularity) than actually the 1860s. This was originally upholstered with a heavy brocade fabric and stuffed with straw! It was so disgusting by the time I got it, I just ripped it all out. I did not have time to reupholster before I needed to use it, so I cleaned the wicker/wood and placed a linen covered feather pillow in it for Micky to lie on.

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