Monday, August 24, 2009

Titanic - Boarding Suit

The reproduction was made of a fine cotton shirting fabric with white background and woven royal purple pin stripe. The facings and belt were made of heavy purple satin. The pattern was self-created.
NOTE: The quality of these pictures is unfortunately very low - they were sent via email and very small.
Boarding Suit as a Wedding Ensemble
Kate Winslet in the Movie

Customer in my creation


Lark said...

LOVE IT!! I have been thinking about trying to make me a version of this. How hard was the jacket to make?

Rebecca said...

Oh boy yes - the jacket was a bear! At the time there were no commercial patterns to work from so I created my own using both draping and flat pattern making techniques. I made and remade the jacket in muslin several times before I got the fit just right. And then because the waist is raised, you have to be very careful with getting the lining on the exact same grain as the fashion fabric.

I beleive there is at least one commercial pattern out there now that is meant to be fairly well made. It is a GREAT suit though - I do love making it! Glad you liked it as well.

If you do decide to try one, I'd love to hear how it goes and see pictures along the way or of the finished product.

Good luck and have fun!