Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robert Land Boots - Update 2

After wearing the walking boots for a full day, I have discovered that my feet swell considerably and become rather painful. I was given lots of advice about how to soften the leather (rubbing alcohol, water, etc.) but at risk of actually ruining the boots, I am going to take them to a shoe shop and see if they can stretch them a bit for me.

I am insanely irritated with myself over the cycle I've gone through with these boots! As it turns out, the 7-1/2 probably would have been the best size (if the sole hadn't stuck so far out over the toes in the front).

Another friend of mine, however, mentioned that she keeps a half size smaller boot for winter when her feet may not swell, and the larger size for summer month events. I think this is a good plan and may order another size up to see how that goes.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Robert Land Shoes - Update

Hurray! I received my new Robert Land boots last night and am happy to say that they are wonderful! The soles of the shoes end right at the toe as they should and the fit of the brown boots around the ankle is much better as well. Mr. Land kindly replaced the"blue" shoes with a pair of ivory and black which I absolutely love! I will break-in the brown walking boots this weekend at Luray, but will save my ivory boots for special indoor events. I cannot wait to upload some pictures.

Thank you Mr. Land for standing behind your work and producing a great series of historical footwear!