Friday, September 11, 2009

Robert Land Shoes - Update

Hurray! I received my new Robert Land boots last night and am happy to say that they are wonderful! The soles of the shoes end right at the toe as they should and the fit of the brown boots around the ankle is much better as well. Mr. Land kindly replaced the"blue" shoes with a pair of ivory and black which I absolutely love! I will break-in the brown walking boots this weekend at Luray, but will save my ivory boots for special indoor events. I cannot wait to upload some pictures.

Thank you Mr. Land for standing behind your work and producing a great series of historical footwear!

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Anonymous said...

I recently ordered a pair of 18th century top boots from Robert Land. Since he seemed so adamant about laying down the law as to when I should expect them and not to expect them before, I gladly agreed and understood that a well made pair of boots takes time. I fullfilled my end and did not expect them before he told me they would arrive, but they arrived fully two months after he said they would. This frustrated me but the boots were amazing! Truly a work of art, I have not seen a reproduction of this type of boot that can even compare to what Mr. Land makes. The measuments were right on and the fit authentic. I can whole heartedly recommend Robert Land so long as you`re prepared to wait longer than even he says, but it is well worth it.