Tuesday, March 22, 2011

November Ball 2009

Looks like I never posted the final results of my November Ball Dress! Well here it is!  I was thrilled to death with the final results.  It was a stunning blue silk with a train that could be bustled up in the back or let loose.  The tail was split in the back and fell nicely over the full bustle.  I overlayed the bodice with cotton lace/netting as well as the underskirt.  The accents were royal purple velvet rickrack and bright pink silk roses and satin bows.  A fun time was had by all.

Cedar Creek 2010

Just some miscellaneous pictures I never got around to uploading.  This was my Emily's first camping experience and she LOVED it!  Other than the late night and the sugar "crack" high that hit her around 8pm, we had a very successful weekend.  We are working on getting little Emily a bit more authentic and she is starting to love her new things!  (Although we did revert to a boy's frock and trousers on the last day of the event.)

Yay!  Bangs pulled back and hidden within the bonnet. 
(Which lasted about 15 minutes)
Emily's skirt is made of the left over dress fabric from my dress (being worn at this event by my friend Caitlin).  It features two very deep growth tucks which can easily be let out as Emily grows taller (any fading where the stitches were would be covered with some pretty black velvet ribbon or rouching).  She also wears a full sleeved white cotton bodice (back hook and eye closure) covered by a large black cummerbund rounded at the top and pointed at the waist, topped by a black velvet jacket adorned with frog closures.  Emily is wearing a crinoline petticoat, not a hoop.

My friend Caitlin and the Red/Black Boots

Camp life - Jacket and Bonnet are nowhere to be found . . .
You can see the wide black cummerbund worn over the white cotton bodice.

Food is always a big hit with the little ones.
Here we've at least covered up Emily's bodice and skirt with a simple cotton pinafore.

Back view of Caitlin's Dress - I LOVE this silhouette  

Resting in the tent.  (Have not abandonned the bangs entirely yet.)  What I love about this picture is the the black and grey striped stocking peeking out from under her skirt.  You can see the detail of Emily's white cotton bodice (back closure) and a few of her wooden toys.

Mommy and Emily playing games in camp.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring is in the Air

So Spring is in the Air and it's making me want to start thinking about sewing again . . . HOWEVER, my basement is still ice cold in the evenings and it does not motivate me to go down there.  :)  What is a girl to do?  I still have the blue sheer cotton on my mannequin (I need to upload a picture) that has received absolutely no attention lately.  I'm a bit angry at it to be honest - I keep attempting sheers even though I don't really like them.  I mean I LIKE them - they just don't ever look right on me - so why am I wasting my time?  Hmm . . . I think I should force myself to finish the sheer first - I can always sell it on eBay - before I allow myself to start a new project.  But ahhhh . . . new projects!  I have so many in my head right now.