Monday, June 27, 2011

Purple Floral Dress - Phase 1

Whoo hoo!

So I started off really doubting my fabric choice (picked a small purple floral calico because my grandmother said she used those types of fabrics for her dresses - midwesterner ;). Then I hated the pattern because it didn't look like it was going to fit right at all. But I quickly realized it was waaay too big! Took in each side seam about 2-1/2 inches and voila! I actually really like it.

Still left are the detachable collar and cuffs, and I want to add some really cute purple glass buttons down the front.

I'm thinking of using these shoes (I know the heels are horrible) if I can't fond something more suitable by the event day. Do you think they're passable?

Now I just need the perfect hat and gloves and clutch! Yay! Can't wait to start the next one.

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Blue Sheer Madness

So this is the blue cotton sheer dress I started well over a year ago. I typically do not like sheer dresses for myself, but I love the idea, so I keep making them . . . And always end up selling them.

(side note: this picture is awful because the lighting is terrible in my basement and the curtains are a distraction, but I was removing the dress so I could put my 1940s dress on it so thought I'd snap a quick pic in the process.)

Anyway, it's a fabulous fabric. You can't tell in these pictures but it has a tiny woven diamond pattern that probably would show up in the daylight over a nice white petticoat.

I'm thinking of doing a narrow brown trim. I love the contrast. Its just pinned on right now, but you can get the idea. There's a lot left to do and I just lost momentum last year. Not a huge fan of this pattern and the waist it awfully high . . . Well, I should just get it done after the 1940s things and get it over with.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

WWII - The Beginning

So I'm going to attend my first WWII event in two weeks. Yay! I decided to pick out a couple of my grandmother's old patterns and see what I can "whip up".

I'm totally undecided so tonight I cut out this one (on the left) in a purple floral calico.

And this one (again on the left) in a blue pinstripe.

We'll see if I manage to get either one completed! ;)

Wish me luck.

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