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Me - age 12
Let's just say that historical costuming has been a hobby and an obsession of mine since . . . well as long as I can remember. (REALLY!) People probably thought I was a little strange when, at the age of seven, I could sit for hours engrossed in movies like "Les Miserables" (with Anthony Perkins), "The King and I" (with Yul Brenner), and of course "Gone With the Wind." Even then I was studying the clothing so I could run to my box of play clothes and attempt to recreate that perfect historical look.

Okay, so my research methods and sewing ability may not have been quite "up-to-par" at that point in time. But my motivation, creativity and enthusiasm were definitely running wild. Day after day I snuck up to my Mother's bedroom to try to teach myself to use the sewing machine.  Eventually it paid off.

It was in 1986 (at the age of 12) that I experienced my first Civil War Reenactment. When my parents took me to the 125th Anniversary battle of Bull Run.  Just days after the event, I had designed and created my first Civil War period day dress. (As seen in the picture above). Yes, I can admit that it was not exactly period; styled from the TV miniseries, "North and South," and made up of synthetic satin.  But it was a start, and I received enough gentle optimism and advice from fellow reenactors that I was able to begin my research in earnest:  visiting libraries, museums, examining period pieces and images for details.  From that time on, I continued researching historical costumes, learning something new almost every day. The most important thing I discovered, however, had to be that learning, when it comes to historical clothing, never ends.

  • Internship with the Manassas Museum in Virginia, where I tagged and identified historical clothing in their textile collection
  • The North Carolina Museum of History, where I identified unknown pieces in a family collection for the costume curator
  • Consultancy for a production of "Gaslight" at NC State (my alma mater)
  • Construction of period undergarments for the James K. Polk State Historic Site in Pineville, NC
  • Consultancy on a series of short stories with a historical background
  • Independant costume work for productions at the Classika Theater  and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

  • Magna Cum Laude from North Carolina State University with a BA in Political Science in May of 1996. 
  • Masters of Education in 2002 and a Masters in Integration of Technology in 2009 from George Mason University.  (Click to view my Thesis Site.) 
  • Currently working on an Associates in Software Programming.
Renton and Emily - Sully - 2009
Renton Alexander (7) - my "little-Einstein" 
Emily Ann (5) my "spit-fire-red-head"
Micky Anderson (2) my drama king 

Thank you for making Rebecca's Reproductions a successful and enjoyable enterprise.

Rebecca Ann Plummer  
Me and Micky - Sully Plantation - 2009

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