Your garments will be made according to the measurements YOU PROVIDE. Accurate measurements are essential to the creation of a properly-fitting garment and are easily distorted when taken by oneself. PLEASE consider having your measurements taken by a professional (I recommend having them taken at least twice to ensure accuracy).
PLEASE ask any questions prior to completing order to ensure you are taking measurements correctly.
Slight alterations/adjustments will be made free of charge, however, any other fit discrepancies are ultimately your responsibility (alterations can be made, but will be at YOUR COST). There are ABSOLUTELY NO RETURNS ON SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS!!

**NOTE**  The fit of clothing varies from era to era and is nothing like the fit of modern clothing. Most clothing is meant to fit "skin-tight" so there is little if any ease.  Proper undergarments are critical to achieving the correct fit of the outer garments. If you have any questions about period fit, PLEASE contact us.
**NOTE**  All measurements should be taken wearing any/all undergarments, stockings, shoes, etc. that will be worn with the desired garment.

Sketch 1

  1. Height
  2. Bust/Chest (under arms and around fullest part)
  3. Neck
  4. Back Waist Length (taken at the base of the neck, down along the spine to the natural waistline) It might help to tie a string, ribbon or thin belt around the waist.
  5. Front Waist Length (from the hollow of the neck to the waist)
  6. Waist (natural waistline)
  7. Hips (taken at the widest part, around the middle of the rump).
  8. Tip of shoulder to wrist #1 (with arm bent and hand placed on stomach).
  9. Tip of shoulder to wrist #2 (with arm straight)
  10. Tip of shoulder to elbow (with arm at side).
  11. Wrist
  12. Tip of shoulder to tip of shoulder (taken at outer most edges of shoulders)
  13. Waist to just below the knee (taken along the side of the leg).
  14. Around just below the knee (circumference needed for knee bands)
  15. Waist to ankle
  16. Waist to floor (Don't forget to wear appropriate footwear!)

  1. Around upper arm (for short sleeve bands)
  2. Circumference of hoop (if wearing one)
  3. Waist to floor over the hoop (make sure you are standing straight)
     (For 1800-1820 and 1911-1919 Only)
  1. Under bust (ribcage measurement just under the bust)
  2. Side length (from just under bust to floor)
  3. Tip of shoulder to nuckles (for the over-the-hand style sleeve)

Sketch 2
(See sketch1 and sketch 2 for help - note that numbers do NOT correspond.)
  1. Fullest part of the belly
  2. Half back (5" down from base of neck measure from the spine to side of body - #5 in sketch1 image).
  3. Sleeve Length (with arm bent and hand placed on mid chest, measure from where the arm meets the back, along the outside of the arm, around the elbow and to the wrist - #6 in sketch1 image).
  4. Inseam (from crotch to heel along inside leg)

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